Tripp’s Recovery   Don't take our word for it, let us prove it.

Tripp’s  Recovery offers a wide range of collateral from the basic automobile all the way to heavy equipment.

We provide repossession services to banks, credit unions, car dealers,  auctions, finance companies, individuals, and just about any verifiable  lien holder. We recover cars, boats, business equipment, and just about  anything that can be moved, transported, stored, and auctioned.

We only utilize state of the art towing equipment to protect your collateral from damage. 


We also have plenty of secured storage  in the local area. We can securely store many vehicles at one time. We  also have inside storage at each location for motorcycles, 4-wheelers,  and more mobile items. We will receive and process all assignments  within 24-hours. We have several checks that we perform before the  assignment is worked in the field. Having all of the information  possible is key to success. 

All condition reports will be e-mailed to you within one hour after  recovery of the collateral. In most cases we meet or exceed this goal.  We will investigate your file until resolution. We do not give up on a  file simply because it appears to be a difficult skip. We work the file  from start to finish and then start over again, looking for information  we may have missed or skipped. All files can be concluded depending  amount of debt and clients desire to pay for services to locate  information.

Voluntary Surrender

A voluntary surrender is when the  debtor has agreed to release the collateral to an appointed  representative of the lien holder. An appointment with the debtor  generally made within 24 hours of receiving your assignment. We will  recover your collateral and transport it to a designated location of  your choice. We will process a condition report and forward that  information. For answers to any questions regarding this service please  contact our office.

Collateral Transportation

We are a full service company. We can  transport any type of collateral anywhere in the world. Please contact  our office location to discuss fees associated with this service.

Door Knocks

We will conduct a visit to the  debtor’s home or place of employment to discuss your account. We will  request that we make a phone call to you while we are there with the  debtor.. If the debtor is not at the given address or place of  employment when we visit, we will leave a sealed envelope marked  confidential advising the debtor that we represent the creditor and that  you have requested we contact them on your behalf.


We always use as many digital pictures  as it takes to assure you collateral of any damages we will file and  complete a condition report.

Replevin Referrals

We are also experienced in providing  replevin services. We will coordinate with law officials in the area or  jurisdiction of the debtor and will work with them to serve the debtor  legal notice. We will attempt to locate the collateral and advise local  law enforcement so that they can recover the collateral and surrender it  to our firm. We will then process the collateral as we would a normal  collateral repossession. This service generally is more expensive than  normal repossession services because of the time and effort required to  coordinate, locate, and recover your collateral. Please contact our  office for more information of this service.

Thank you for visiting our website. The goal at Tripp’s Recovery is to  provide unmatched customer service, both to the client and your  customer. We know you will appreciate the value of our professional  approach to all your repossession needs.

Our knowledgeable staff are always eager to assist you.
We look forward to being your reliable business partner when your  repossession needs arise. If you have any questions, call our office or  send us an e-mail. We are here to serve and assist you. Thank you again  for visiting out site.